Rural Mexican households that are not connected to the electricity grid normally light their homes with candles, diesel or other light sources that can have a negative impact on health and environment. Our solution is simple: changing those sources for renewable energy and providing much better lighting quality with our affordable solar home systems.

Tackle poverty through solar energy

Because there are 2 million people in Mexico that do not have access to electricity in their homes. We work for them and with them.

To achieve our goals, we developed 4 Pillars of Innovation that form the basis of Iluméxico:

1. Mexican technology development

2. Rural Distribution network

3. Flexible financing

4. Social Empowerment.

We are a Mexican social enterprise that provides energy to rural communities.

And what is our impact so far?

Number of systems installed


Total number of users


Rural branches (ILUCentros)


Installed solar capacity


Tonnes of CO2 displaced