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Last updated 06/04/2021


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We have branch offices (ilucentros) in over 10 states across Mexico, in addition to our headquarters and manufacturing plant in Mexico City – reaching more people than ever before.

Looking to the Future

Our goal is to improve the lives of a million people by 2025.

We work every day to consolidate our position as the largest provider of off-grid solar energy systems in Mexico and to continually improve our business model, ensuring that our impact on these communities generates growth. We have already reached thousands of families and we will continue to expand our network to reach the most isolated communities and transform the life of millions of families across Mexico and beyond.

To reach this goal, we are constantly looking for ways to extend our reach and our solutions. We have the opportunity to use our network and our strategic abilities to satisfy the needs and aspirations of a long-overlooked demographic of the Mexican population.

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