How we do it

We bring light to the most remote places

We developed a comprehensive model designed to fulfill our mission: to fight poverty through the supply of clean energy.
Our model is based on four pillars:

1. Solar technology developed in Mexico

We assemble solar lighting and electrification systems that are easy to use by Mexican families. These systems are composed of:
But most important of all is our charge controller Prometeo, which is the brain of the system.
This electronic controller regulates the amount of electricity flowing from the photo-voltaic panel to the batteries, and with a button the user can control the intensity of light from low to medium or high.

2. Social participation and Community work

We are confident that we are providing more than just a basic service, what we try to do is to make an impact in the lives of our customers.
The key is to always listen to and work with the communities we operate in, so that we can understand and learn from their experience. This way we can generate solutions that best fit their needs, because in the end their satisfaction will determine the success of our project.

3. Accessibility for all: micro-finance

We at ILUMÉXICO think that there are is no reason you can’t work in or with rural communities. We believe that all have the right to the same services and decent housing conditions.

Therefore we designed micro-payment plans with which our customers can purchase our systems.

These monthly payments are made only for the duration of a year and amount to the same that families spend monthly on diesel, candles or other lighting sources that are harmful to health and environment. Therefore, every family that we target realizes that it is an expense with a clear payback in the longer term.

We strongly believe that this scheme contributes to a better understanding of personal finance concepts for our customers. In the end, this will result in long term benefits for families by learning how to handle concepts such as investment and savings that could increase their quality of life.

4. Distribution and innovative service: ILUCentros

To be able to reach all of our customers we work in the following order:



The ILUMÉXICO team scouts the electrification needs in every region and its communities.



We build solar systems that pass all quality and functional tests.



We transport the systems to the ILUCentros of every region, ready to be distributed to nearby communities.



Our regional Community Engineers promote the systems in rural areas and in every community they explain the benefits and characteristics of our solar products.



People can choose the solar system and payment scheme that best fits their personal needs.



So that finally, the families can enjoy clean lighting in their homes!
Bringing light to those most in need does not have to be complicated, but it would not be possible without our innovative distribution model and service:

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The ILUCentros are rural service centers that offer customer service, distribution, support and maintenance. They are located in different locations across Mexico so that each of the communities we operate in are covered by our ILUMÉXICO team. When a family needs help with the installation or maintanance of their solar system, our local field team of Community Engineers can easily advise and resolve any situation from the nearby ILUCentro.